Advanced Technologies

Advanced manufacturing systems for welding BIW components

We integrate advanced technologies into our automatic welding systems in order to optimize and make the product manufacturing process more efficient. Our solutions are particularly innovative and in line with industry 4.0 guidelines. In addition to standardized welding and handling systems, our solutions also offer the integration of:

  • Process Control Systems: custom designed for the dimensional and physical control of components. They can be magnetic, laser or by video cameras and they allow to check the presence and quality of welding points and/or additional components as well as dimensional check of finished products
  • Marking systems: included in the automatic system, they allow you to mark a code on the pieces handled through dot, scratch or laser technology and guarantee the traceability of the machined components
  • Coating systems: always designed according to needs and specifications, they allow to spread glue on the components before they are welded. This happens in a full automatic way. They are equipped with dosing and dispensing control systems
  • Riveting and Welding Small Parts Systems: these are automatically powered machines for inserting rivets and small parts into main components. Their integration allows to complete the product manufacturing process directly within our automatic solution