Company Info

Our history

In 1982 two families, Perrone and Ferraro, founded in Cassino, Italy a visionary and pioneering company to design and deliver high-tech systems. The brave idea as well as the business expertise of a little known industry became successful when a FIAT plant was built in town. Therefore Tekno Progetti management focused on automotive industry and specialized in the automation of production systems by designing and installing them for major automotive clients.

A winning collaboration

The idea was courageous and the entrepreneurial effort important, for such a little known sector. A few years later, thanks also to the massive presence of the FIAT factory a few steps away, Tekno Progetti developed more specific solutions for the turnkey construction of advanced automotive component welding production systems .

Due to a technical and talented team of engineers and workers, Tekno Progetti became a major supplier of structural components welding and handling systems utilizing: CAD and SolidWorks softwares for mechanical design and 3D simulation software for cost and productivity analisys, Eplan and Spac softwares for eletrical desig, Siemens Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc Omron softwares for software design and programming.