Automatic Solutions

Tekno Progetti guides the innovation process through the manufacture of its automation systems . They achieve excellent results in terms of productivity, quality , global integration and logistics sharing the same objectives of our automotivecustomers. By our modern automation systems, we guarantee a radical increase of corporate competitiveness. This factor leads to a sensitive optimization of production processes, achieving outstanding results in terms of efficiency.
With our automation systems, there is an important optimization of production processes, as well as a radical increase in productivity, keeping high quality standards and guaranteeing safety and flexibility.

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Optimization of production processes, making them more efficient
  • Increased productivity and flexibility while guaranteeing safety and quality standards
  • Efficiency of Quality Control
  • Achievement of Production Cycle Times below 60 “
  • Increased technical repeatability of finished products.

High technology and expertise make us achieve a high return in the company process production.