Project financed with POR-FESR 2014-2020 funds

POR FESR Lazio 2014/2020

Public Notice “The company makes culture” (DD17244 / 2018).

Project: “Wandering Laboratory of Peace and History” – determination n. G8796 of 07/24/2020, published in the BUR n. 95, suppl. 1 of 28/07/2020

Beneficiary company: Tekno Progetti Srl – Cassino (FR)

Deed of commitment dated 25.09.2020

Investment € 240,000.00
contribution € 169,679.58

The Wandering Laboratory of Peace and History, wants to have the purpose of contributing to making the relations between the ‘Culture System’ and the ‘Business System’ more meaningful and effective, with initiatives aimed at the recovery and enhancement of the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the city . The enhancement by private initiative is a socially useful activity, the cultural heritage must be protected, preserved and re-evaluated, so as to make it a strategic asset for the growth of the city.

The project was created to actively contribute to the affirmation of a new model of economic development, where the historical-cultural asset becomes the engine of the development of the surrounding area: by involving people, emotional experiences are created around History, Culture, Memory, through the development of technologies, processes, products and services for the advanced use of the artistic, architectural, archaeological and cultural heritage of the city.

Therefore, to make the most of the past, the care and the story of the real estate, architectural, archaeological and monumental complexes present in the area, draw information on the entirety of the war events that took place in the Cassinate also taking advantage of videos, accompanying the project with points of interest, visits guided tours and manifestations of international interest.