Spot Welding System

We deliver robotic spot welding systems to assemble BIW automotive components such as uprights, cross members, side members, dashboards or tunnels. The innovative technology of
pot welding allows to join materials of different types and shapes in a precise, reliable and fast way, achieving a high number of welding points with the minimum operating space.

Arc welding systems

We deliver robotic arc welding systems for automotive components and sub-assemblies (in particular front and rear cross members). Thanks to the wide range of maneuvering possibilities of the robots, the automation of these systems allows for extremely resistant welds to be modeled with great precision on the elements to be coupled. In this way, even for body sections subjected to intense stresses, the product is guaranteed with great resistance and proven reliability over time.

Innovative technologies

The company joins various automatic innovations in one solution. This makes the systems particularly technological and in line with Industry 4.0 standards:

  • Process control
  • Component marking
  • Coating and Gluing
  • Riveting and Fastening

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